Hello and welcome to my website! jenny

I’m Jenny, I have two children, who are now teenagers, and I love to bake.

I rediscovered my love of baking when my children were little and I was stay at home mum. I began baking my children’s birthday cakes, then moved on to baking cakes and biscuits with them on rainy days.

Modern Family Baking is a resource for parents and carers who are looking for ideas to make with their children… and as a source of ideas for parties and birthday cakes.

So many people want to make or decorate their children’s birthday cakes… so this site is here to give ideas and options – some are super easy, and some are a little bit more advanced.

PR friendly and based in Cheshire

From time to time I may post reviews. While I am sent the items for the purposes of the reviews the views expressed are my own.

All photos and written content on this site are my own unless stated otherwise and may not be reproduced without my express permission.

Contact me at: jenny@modernfamilybaking.com

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